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I picked up a Pentax K1000, 35mm film camera, around the age of 12. 

I was growing up in Tempe, Arizona, and when my mom said I had to pick a summer school class; I chose photography over swimming this time. 

That moment changed my life. 

Although I have now studied under some of the most amazing portrait and wedding photographers, in some of most beautiful places in this world, I found myself missing a piece of me. 

Hearing humpback whales communicate with each other is spine tingling. Especially when you feel that bubble feeding is what they're talking about. 

And then you see it? The Wales come together to trap their feed under a group effort? Couldn't we all learn from that?

Longliner Inn & Suites - 485 Katlian Sitka, AK (907) 747-7910


See below for samples of the 9 pieces permanently displayed in the restaurant of the Longliner Inn & Suites, located waterfront on one of the many picturesque harbors in Sitka, Alaska.

The menu serves up fine quality, locally grown or caught and organic masterpieces.

The newly renovated, waterfront, cozy restaurant creates dishes containing locally caught seafood dishes, carnivore and vegetarian dishes, incredible desserts and a bar menu that will blow your mind. See website below for dishes and prices currently being served. 

All photographic works are limited edition prints and printed on the highest of quality metal prints with mounted inset frames for a floating look. All photographs come with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist and show the # of the collection. 

Once these images are sold out, they will never be printed again. 

Sizes range from 12" x 12" up to 20" x 60" . The whale tail photo shown here is printed 20" x 60" in the dining room. 

Call below or visit website for more details. 

Longliner Inn & Suites

485 Katlian Street

Sitka, AK 99835

(907) 747-7910

Artisan Faires by Sitka Events, LLC - June, 2018


Thank you for visiting my booth at the Harrigan Centinnel Hall show of Alaska Wildlife in and around the Sitka area. 

These events held some of the most talented artists in the area, selling their beautiful handmade goods.


Harrigan Centenniall Hall

330 Harbor Drive

Sitka, AK 99835

(907) 747-4090

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